Art Gallery


The majority of the work in our Gallery is
paint on canvas or board. We have work in
acrylics, oil, watercolors, encaustic and mixed media.


Many of our artists also make jewelry. We have on-hand the work of Deborah Cross, James Spinelli, Deanna Dionne, and Colette Shumate Smith & David Smith. At times we also host jewelry by Iphigenia Gossios Burg.


We currently host the pottery of artist Colette Shumate Smith. We love her style!


We have work by artisan David L. Smith, which is etched glass. We also have his mugs on display, which feature some of his pop art designs, one of the most popular is his “Fake Nus” mug.


We have a soft spot for photography. We host the work of 9 unique photographers. The majority of them are just getting started in the fine art world. We enjoy working with them on projects, as they arise through our Design Studio, Sitka Creations. The majority of the work we have displayed is nature photography and scenic shots of Central Mass.


We have work by two sculptors. Our local sculptor is Melanie Zibit. We also have on display some metal work by Italian sculptor, Roberto Mazonetto.