Amanda L. McSweeney


Amanda L. McSweeney, Photo by Lawrence Libby

Amanda L. McSweeney


Aside from four years of college at the University of Vermont, where she studied Animal Science (and spent some time milking cows!), Amanda L. McSweeney grew up and has always lived in Massachusetts. On an Etsy page entitled LensCapturedBeauty, she displays and markets her photographs.


Ms. McSweeney has always loved animals and nature and has enjoyed capturing images of both at any opportunity. Hiking is one of her favorite activities, and she never goes into the woods without her camera! She also enjoys camping, kayaking, and traveling, and has a huge love for ivy and abandoned buildings. Ms. McSweeney currently resides in Templeton, Mass. with her cat Lenore, her dog Cooper, her frog Dumpy, and her Betta fish Dr. Catastrophe.

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