Artist’s Walkway Schedule

Gallery Sitka manages the walls in the Artist’s Walkway at The Bull Run. We rotate the work monthly. If you are an artist interested in showing your work here, please email us at:

Bull Run Artists:

October 2014: Colette Shumate-Smith

November 2014: David Smith

December 2014: Thomas Bradley

January 2015: Marston Clough

February 2015: Iphigenia Burg

March 2015: Daniel Senie

April 2015: Deborah Cross


June 2015: Jen Hemenway

July 2015: Jonathon Route

August 2015: Kellie Weeks

September 2015: Luanne Hume

October/November 2015: Jeanne Borofsky

December 2016: Emily Joy Ashman

January 2016: Ylenia Mino

February 2016: Larry Libby & Paul Sihvonen-Binder

March 2016: Chester & Stephie Hooper

April 2016: The Merrimack Valley Artisans

May 2016: The Merrimack Valley Artisans

June 2016: Carole Farnsworth Rabe

July 2016: Den Poitras

August 2016: Jonathan Route

September 2016: THE BULL RUN

October 2016: THE BULL RUN

November 2016: Cancelled

December 2016: Amanda L. McSweeney

Bull Run Artists:

January 2017: Lawrence Libby

February 2017: Darcy Schultz

March 2017: Shataro Studio/Gallery Opening

April 2017: Linda R. Cuccurullo

May 2017: Gosha Karpowicz

June 2017: Ralphy Void

July 2017: Cancelled

August 2017: The Ethel Scott Willians Collection

September 2017: David L. Smith

October 2017: Doreen LaScola

November 2017: Kevin McCarthy

December/January 2017: Emily Ashman

January/February 2018: Colette Shumate Smith

March 2018: Nina Arnold

April 2018: Priscilla Levesque

May 2018: Jon Seiff

June 2018: Bridie Wolejko

July 2018: Cancelled

August 2018: David King

September 2018: Lisa Delucia

October 2018: Cole Casto

November 2018: Emily Joy Ashman

December 2018: Kate Shaffer

January 2019: 

February 2019: Priscilla Levesque