Den Poitras

Den Poitras

Den Poitras

Den Poitras


Born in August 1950, Den grew up in north-central Massachusetts. While somehow learning to survive Catholic school, he was occasionally tutored, from age 5, in basic drawing by his grandfather, and from then on began to develop his own personal style of surrealism. Upon completing high school he traveled extensively throughout America’s western states continuing to teach himself art — as well as multiple musical instruments.

After an almost 20-year western sojourn, Den returned to his roots, to raise a family, and further explore his unique art and music. He has had many solo exhibitions and has participated in group art shows in Nevada, Oregon, California, Texas, New Mexico and throughout New England. Currently he is a member of The Vermont Artisans in Brattleboro, Vermont. He is also active in three music groups called: J-Bob & Lefty, The Busted Jug-Band, and Funked-Up-Old-Guys.

Artist’s Statement

The Art of Den Poitras

The ego seeks to divide and separate; spirit seeks to unify and heal — to make whole. Unity through diversity is one of the themes underlying my art. Diverse found objects are chanced together with glue in my homemade shadow-boxes. Everything’s primed in white, a background is chosen, such as, outer space, a seascape or a blue sky, then comes the meticulous detailing of found-objects in the foreground.

Somehow this self-discovered technique sparks my creative process, which helps me to bypass the conscious, monkey mind, and a deeper source is called upon to unify everything with a sense of mystery and beauty. Pre-planning is thrown out the window, it would spoil the fun!

The word matter, taken from mater, means mother. The Great Universal Mother/Father is the source — also known in physics as the unified field — therefore, everything matters. This concept is echoed by American Indians when they have said that, “Everything is sacred, everything has a spirit”. Thus all forms are significant and an artist’s job is to show the world their own version of how significant forms truly are, or can be, if we apply even a wee bit of our imagination.

I’ve been exploring art since the age of five. (It’s what got me through the school system of the ’50’s & ’60’s.) Art and the entire universe is all about the expression of the intelligent energy of love, which permeates everything. So, as you look at my art, let your heart be your guide, nurture your sense of awe and don’t forget your sense of humor because most of my stuff is downright funny!