Dug Morton

Dug Morton standing next to his painting, “Turken and Chickey” [SOLD].


Dug Morton


Dug Morton’s early paintings were Impressionist, focused mainly on still life and landscape, frequently done en plein air. From there he started pursuing Expressionism, mostly figurative. In 1994, the artist started off in a new direction in which he pared down the visual elements so that color and texture became the subject matter.

The simplicity of these Minimalist abstractions occupied his work over the next few years. Developing a style, he calls “Organic Geometry,” Mr. Morton later allowed the abstraction in his work to be more lyrical and painterly, while still retaining a geometric underpinning. These pictures were created through a balance of the analytical versus the visceral, through boldness versus subtlety. Recently Dug has delved back into representational work. He has been excited to see how the long run of geometric abstraction has influenced his depiction of figures, objects and ground.

Dug Morton is a native of Groton, MA and his studio is in Shirley, MA.