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Artists Who We Have Shown…

Andre Mills

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Andre Mills is an illustrator living and working in Westford Ma. Andre was born in 1965 Kingston Jamaica. Studied Art at Northern Essex Community College and University of Lowell. Inspired by artist like Bill Watterson, Charles Shultz, Skottie Young and Humberto Ramos. Most of my work is digital today I like to take in my surroundings and see what story I can tell or what reaction I get for human figures.

Artist’s Statement

“Observing the human figure is everything! The different shapes, facial expressions the clothing is my inspiration. I like to create digital art. Escaping into a world of fantasy and humor.”

Kate Shaffer

Artist’s Bio

Kate Shaffer has loved creating her entire life. Texture, color and the process of “making” has always been a passion. It was after her youngest daughter left home that Ms. Shaffer embraced the “empty nest” to begin a new chapter in her life, that of professional artist. She paints with joy and exuberance bringing her love of texture, color and the combining of elements to her work. Ms. Shaffer is inspired by nature but also want to show the emotions of life in her work. Using texture to show the ups and downs of the “texture” of life and color representation to symbolize the emotions we all experience as we traverse the terrain, she hopes to bring to the viewer a balance of the joy there is to find in the midst of increasingly fearful and tumultuous times.

Ms. Shaffer has exhibited in local art shows and in her own gallery at 205 School Street in Gardner, MA. She has won two honorable mentions in her first two years of being a professional artist. Ms. Shaffer belongs to both the Gardner Area League of Artists and the Fitchburg Art Museum. She has a studio / gallery with twelve other artists in a community named the School Street Art Studios. The School Street Artists have an annual Open Studio event the second Friday of October.

Artist’s Statement

“Only half of what an artist does is for themselves, the other half is to speak to the world and share their hearts. Many people wonder why an artist does art. For myself, I do it to express the joy, hope and wonder I see all around me. The world, with all its brokenness, is still a world of wonder. It is that which I speak to through my art. The many layers of media that I add to my canvas expresses the layers, both positive and negative, that we find in life. Some of them are a little grungy, some torn, and some rich in color, but all are full of the intricacies that only happen through the process of living our lives. It is through this process that we find the beauty that emerges from those intricacies.”

“I am greatly inspired by nature, but it is the process of making the art that inspires me the most.”

“In life, as we go through the day to day activities and then find ourselves, suddenly, in that perfect moment; so I am with my art. I begin to lay down my first layers and then respond to those as I lay down the next. As I proceed, the layers begin to combine and become the “moments” that reveal a subject I respond to and build upon. The work of any artist is unique because each artist is a unique individual.  My process and the way I use the tools of my trade are what make my work my own. I love texture, color and the interactions that happen on the canvas. How the individual media responds to each other is always a source of surprise, like opening a present each and every time.”

“Doing my art allows me to share some of my heart with others. As with so many others, life has given me difficulties, heartbreaks, and painful experiences. My art is my way to claim joy in the midst of those difficulties.”

12493751_948096378604905_7883104711304789149_oPeter Roux

Artist’s Bio

We have followed Peter Roux for many years. We loved his work when he showed at Mary Etherington’s Gallery on Martha’s Vineyard and had a studio in Pawtucket/Providence, Rhode Island. Now we are thrilled to say we have one piece in our Gallery by him. He has moved to the South and thus his Studio is there. We welcome you to visit our gallery to see the piece we have housed with us.

Artist’s Statement

“My work centers itself in landscape as a starting point to explore our relationship to place, authenticity, and memory.  I’m drawn to the vocabularies of film and photography and how they regularly shape our understanding of contemporary space. I’m always interested to see how this informs what I paint.”

Meagan St. Laurent

Artist’s Bio

My name is Meagan St Laurent and I am a senior at Framingham State University. I major in Studio Art with a Concentration in Painting and a Minor in Art History. I grew up surrounded by the nature and beauty of Western Massachusetts and with a curiosity for understanding the world around me.

My goal is to create art that inspires people to grow and to become more aware of the environment around them, opening the mind to new ideas and possibilities. It stems from my admiration of nature and my empathetic demeanor. It is a form of communication that encourages people to form relations and understandings with each other and with the world around them.

Aside from studio classes, I am taking chemistry classes to increase my knowledge of the relationship between art and science. Science, specifically chemistry, is one of my interests. I find it intriguing to break down big ideas into smaller concepts such as how light can be broken down into fragments of color. The way we perceive light is an interesting topic because there are a multitude pigments that are often overlooked or generalized into an overall shade. What interests me about the scenes that I painted are the unique gradients of color. I wanted to capture the transition of the colors by paying close attention to the small changes in detail. In an attempt to capture that transition I squinted closely to determine what colors created the sky, and stroke by stroke I painted the colors I saw onto the canvas.

Artist’s Statement

“For Bird on the Wire [SOLD], I approached the application of color as a fairly smooth gradient similar to the transition seen by the naked eye. The reds and oranges blend horizontally into each other as they merge into brown. Similar to how the sky seems to gradually turn from one color to the next without any abrupt changes, the start and stop of the transition of colors in the painting is not clearly apparent.”

“For Sunset, I approached the application of color as a vertical gradient that, though still fairly smooth in its transition, has a slightly more distinguishable color progression. The top right corner begins as a dark blue color that slowly turns into a bright yellow color as it approaches the lower left corner of the painting. The colors in this piece slightly overlap in some areas showing the mixture of pigments.”

“For Colors of the Sky, I approached the application of color as individual strokes of color instead of a consistent gradient. My focus for this piece was on color separation. This is similar to the scientific concept of light energy emitted by electrons transitioning from a higher energy level to a lower energy level, appearing fragmented when examined using an emission spectra.”

Angelique Ward

Artist’s Bio

Angelique Ward is a self taught artist who hails from Hudson, N.H. Her passion for the arts has ranged from performances onstage, writing poetry and creating two-dimensional art works in acrylic and mixed mediums. Over the past decade, her commissioned pieces have given her the desire to expand new ways of giving personal voice to her art. Drawn to the story-telling aspect of assemblage, a three- dimensional artistic form, she has identified a deeply personal medium that sets the “stage” for her unique poetic mystery.

Nina Arnold

Artist’s Bio
A lifelong photographer, Nina Arnold was given her first camera, a Kodak Brownie model, when she was seven years old. Since then, photography has been a strong thread in her life. More recently, Nina began creating images in what she calls “cut and paste”, a mixed media collage technique using photos, papers, fibers, paint, pastels, nail polish, and other sources of color and texture. She is constantly on the lookout for materials that can be taken apart and reconstructed into one of her imagined worlds. An underlying intention of the work is to prompt a personal story for the viewer, thus creating many stories. She is inspired by nature, landscapes, religious iconography, fairy tales and archetypes.

Born as Nina Maneri, 1955, in Brooklyn, NY, she was raised by parents who were deeply involved in the avant garde music and art scene of that time. She left Brooklyn in 1979 and eventually moved to Lunenburg, MA, where she has lived with her husband and family (now grown) for more than 30 years. A trained musician with a degree in music, Nina works as a high school counselor.