Paul Sihvonen-Binder

Paul Sihvonen-Binder


Paul Sihovonen-Binder is a nature photographer whose focus has been the Quabbin of Western, Mass. The Quabbin is important for practical reasons because it supplies much of the Boston area’s fresh water supply. It is also a precious jewel for the commonwealth of Massachusetts simply by virtue of its stunning natural beauty. The General Court (the official name of the commonwealth legislature) dammed three branches of the Swift River about 60 to 70 miles east of Boston in the mid-nineteenth century to create the reservoir. In that age before nature conservation became fashionable, the people of Massachusetts set a very progressive precedent by relying primarily on watershed protection rather than filtration. In other words, they wisely made a commitment to preserving the wild and unspoiled character of the area as the best way to protect the purity of the water supply.

Sihovonen-Binder’s photographs certainly make this plain. His photos of native wildlife and flourishing forests in Quabbin show off the area to its best advantage.

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