We do have in our Collection some work by artists whose time has passed and/or work that is from abroad. This page is under construction and there is more work to come… In our Collection, we have the following:

Armando Balboni, Italian American, 1937-1993

Contemporary American Artist
Springfield, MA

Armando Balboni lived and worked in Springfield, Massachusetts until his passing. During his career as an artist he was also a Professor of Art at UMass Amherst.

Balboni was enamored by the work of Leonard Baskin, a professor/artist who taught printmaking and sculpture at Smith College in Northampton, Ma and at Hampshire College in Amherst, Ma.

Much of Balboni’s work tended to be dark, but there were periods of light.

The untitled piece we have is, as Balboni’s many others of the same period, watercolor with wax on handmade paper. This piece (Untitled) — a ram with a rose, was atypical of his use of pastel colors and was painted during a period of his “theme of roses”.

For Sale: “Untitled” – $2000

Frank P. Kirk, British Painter 1896-1937

British Artist
Nottinghamshire, England

Part of Our Scott Willans Collection

“Nottinghamshire Countryside”