Ekaterina Abramova

Ekaterina Abramova
Artist Biography
Artist Ekaterina Abramova specializes in painting and graphic arts in the traditional technique of using oil, acrylic, markers, etc. She is a multifaceted artist; her style could be described as going in two major directions: the 21st-century Neo-Expressionism, and Spiritual Ornamental paintings drawn on symbolic folk art of various peoples, most notably on Russian and Indian mythology. Born in 1979 in Moscow, she graduated from an art school with honors and continued her studies at the Vasnetsov College of Fine Arts, Moscow. In 2007 she received her MFA from the I.E. Repin State Academy of Fine Arts, St. Petersburg, Russia. Her numerous awards include Gold Medal “250th anniversary of the Russian Academy of Arts,” Gold Medal “National Treasure” of the International Charity Fund “Philanthropists of the Century”, citation from the Russian Academy of Fine Arts for the participation in the exhibition dedicated to the 250th anniversary of the Academy, the Peacekeeper Fund Medal, and AVISKAR – 2016 international Van Gogh Award, Birla Academy of Art & Culture, Calcutta-London, UK, among others. She was nominated for the State Presidential Scholarship in the Arts. She is a member of the Union of Russian Artists, Art Fund International, Creative Union of Professional Artists, Art Indulge Foundation. In 2014, she was awarded an International Artist Residency in Hyderabad, India, organized by the State Fine Art Gallery and Kalanirvana Foundation, to represent Russia among 20 other artists from all over the world; as well as similar artist residency in Goa Chitra Museum, Goa, India. In 2015, she has been awarded a 3-month International Artist Residency, at the Eileen S. Kaminsky Family Foundation located in Mana Contemporary Art Complex in Jersey City, NJ, which she completed in November 2016.

Among her most recent exhibitions are: Townley Gallery, Laguna Beach, CA, USA (2017); Sitka Gallery, MA, USA (2017); RedDot Art Fair, Miami Beach, Florida, USA, December 2016 Miami River Art Fair, Miami, Florida, December 2015; Artnado Art Fair, West Palm Beach, Florida, USA, November 2015; Exhibition “Expressions of Color” at Gateway Arts Center, New York City, USA, May 2015; Exhibition “Take Your Breath Away” at the Victoria Space, Art Factory, Paterson , NJ, USA, June 2015; Kolkata Art Biennale, Kolkata, India, April 2015; Exhibition ArtExpo New York, New York City, USA, April 2015; Art India Festival, Mumbai, India, November 2014; Exhibition Golden Age, Russian Cultural Centre, Berlin, Germany, November 2014; Exhibition Innovation of Color, Westside Park Art Gallery, New York City, USA, October 2014; Woman’s Academy, Moscow, September 2014; Exhibition Art Through Light II at the State Gallery of Fine Art, Hyderabad, India, September 2014; Exhibition On The Right Way, Central Artist’s House, Moscow, September 2014; Exhibition ArtExpo New York, New York City, USA, April 2014; Exhibition Artistry at Artery Fine Art Gallery, Chicago, USA, February 2014; Art Cocktail Exhibition at D.E.V.E. Gallery, Bruges, Belgium, November 2013.

She has had numerous personal exhibitions of her art all over Europe, India, China, and the USA. Her works are in the Eileen S. Kaminsky Family Foundation Permanent Collection, New York, NY, USA; as well as in private collections in UK, France, Germany, Russia, Belgium, Finland, Italy, Switzerland, China, India, and the USA.
She lives and works in New York City area.

Artist Statement

In my art, I am searching for Man.
And my purpose is to dig that Man out and bring Him forth in each of us.
My mission is to be channeling information from subtle spheres to the material worlds by using color, symbols, and images on canvas. My art helps people fine-tune their inner tuning fork, connect to their unique frequency.
I am a tightrope walker balancing between the worlds, my brushes and palette in my hands, and connecting them like a bridge joining continents.
Life is full of light, and every moment is a gift! My holy grail is to remain in sync with the vibrations of life. Through my art, I wish to help others fine-tune their tuning fork. Art is the most powerful force capable of halting the pace of thoughts, changing the course of time and conventional reasoning. Art, for me, is — breathing. One can’t not breathe. I am here for breathing with God, and my exhale is — my paintings.
Art takes in, reworks, and releases from its womb a new, more accomplished human being, — more wholesome in a wholesome world.
I feel the connection and belonging to what Universe speaks about. It speaks through those who can hear and feel. An artist is a vehicle, a conductor; and his influence is enormous. As an artist, I constantly look for the unusual in each moment of life. And in that unusual, I find the inner truth that resides in all of us. It is radiant and joyful. Sometimes it’s a bit sad. But that helps us stop our constant pursuit of earthly things in this material world and look up.