“1511” by Donna Rega

“1511” by Donna Rega

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Artist: Donna Rega

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Size: 8 x 10″

Description: Abstract painting is a personal journey of perseverance for me. Through painting and its process, I allow myself the freedom to express my emotional realm through a perceptible language of art. My expressive work is a visible manifestation brought out from within through the emotional fashioning response to the observations, experiences and backdrop of my being.

I transmit that emotional spirit to an observable platform through the passage of a painter’s portfolio of color, texture, line, movement and artfulness. Those elements are much like seeking the right piece to complete a puzzle. As I fill a blank canvas with an aggression of willful paint strokes, splashes, drips and mark-making, that essence comes to the front as the image begins to, in a sense, communicate – at turns seducing and confronting me. A barter of sorts releases, as I get engaged in an aesthetic daze of advance and retreat, flow and slowness, command and entrance, jangle and alliance. I search for that moment of sensing synchronicity between how I feel and what has been revealed on canvas.

A visible interconnection of the emotive exchange materializes and I realize the canvas was an analyst, a mentor, a gleeful, a partisan – and ultimately a reflection to my emotional essence. My hope is that if I’ve created a painting that feels inspirational for myself, that someone else may recognized a touch of their own emotional essence in the work and that it may touch them in the same way that a particular melody can reach deep or a moment in nature can feel harmonious.

These pieces reflect the light of hope to growth. Clouds break up hoping the light will shine through, The light with its glimmering energy creates growth.

Part of the Glimmer Show.