“Carnival” by Melissa A. Richard

“Carnival” by Melissa A. Richard

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Artist: Melissa Richard

Medium: Mixed Media on Canvas

Size: 20 x 20″

Year: 2020

Description: This work was created in early 2020 while I was experimenting with various new ways of mark-making and different color families. I went into this work without any preconceived ideas; it merely evolved out of my imagination. As I worked on the piece, reacting intuitively to each new brush stroke and color choice I made, it began to evoke in me the idea of a carnival—the bright, glittery rides, the garishly colorful prizes and balloons, even the exotic food. In the end, it was obvious what the title of the painting had to be. I think it has a playful color scheme but also it is a bit messy. The dripping paint and layers of objects painted over remind me of the layers of paint and wear-and-tear of so many traveling carnival rides and attractions.

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