“Glimmer 2” by Melissa Richard


“Glimmer 2” by Melissa Richard

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Artist: Melissa Richard

Medium: Mixed Media on Paper

Size: 3 x 3″; 5 x 5″ matted and framed

Description: Glimmer; little pieces of light. My hope for this show was to collect a variety of artistic perspectives on this theme, and find creative expressions of the image this phrase evokes in our minds.

Light is universally used to symbolize hope, goodness and warmth – all things we have needed during the year 2020. This group of art work brings together creators of varying backgrounds and experience to address this universal theme through 2D media on a small scale. Voices of growth, change, hope and positivity are echoed through the images chosen. It is my hope that these “glimmering” little works of art are like bright stars on a dark night, or the first rays of light at dawn leading us toward a better place.

For myself personally, 2020 has been a particularly challenging year. Last year at this time I was in a psychiatric ward on suicide watch; being treated for major depression and complete mental and emotional exhaustion. My first day in the hospital as I sat before my support team of doctors and counselors feeling like I could not carry on they asked me to do one thing; look for the light. Those were their exact words, “look for the light.”

I spent the next two weeks doing just that, and I have continued to do so despite the world entering a global pandemic of historical proportions; despite all the injustice and civil unrest that has been brought into the limelight; despite the ongoing politics tensions felt worldwide from this election year. I keep looking for the light. The three works I created were born from this process. I have, very literally, clawed my way from the deepest emotional darkness any human can experience. One where the only logical escape from your emotions pain and suffering seems to be death. It is a place of darkness I hope I never see again. These three tiny paintings express this feeling. As 2020 comes to a close and 2021 looms on the horizon, I will do what the only thing any of us can… look for the glimmer; the shining illumination of little pieces of light guiding us toward hope.

3 Part Series | Glimmer 1 | Glimmer 3

Part of the Glimmer Show