“Glimmers of Hope” by Regina Mailloux

“Glimmers of Hope” by Regina Mailloux

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Artist: Regina Mailloux

Medium: Oil on Canvas Paper mounted on cradled wood panel)

Size: 12 x 12″

Description: When I first heard of this call to art, I was immediately struck. Mankind is lost at the moment and the only way to make it through is by our faith and hope that there is something greater. Hope is a ray of light, a small sliver making its way through the darkness that this world is facing. You have to know that spark when you see it though, as it’s fleeting and quick. I wanted to denote this sliver of hope in my piece, which is represented by silver paint swirls around the figure. She is heading to the light of hope, that glimmer of peace that is off in the distance. The bird behind her is lost, it is struggling against the obstacles it faces but is somewhat shielded. Will the bird make it to safety? I have left that up to the viewer to decide.

Regina Mailloux is a native New Englander whose work prominently features atmospheric, dreamy, and at times whimsical oil painting portraits. From narrative characters to imaginative and original female figures, Regina’s work is stunning and captivating. She has exhibited in galleries nationally and internationally and has collectors throughout New England and Europe. She is a member of the Star Dust Art Collective.

Part of the Glimmer Show.