“No We’re Not There Yet” 2014, by Joanne Stowell

“No We’re Not There Yet” 2014, by Joanne Stowell

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Artist: Joanne Stowell

Medium: Oil on Canvas

Size: 15″ x 30″

Price: Originally $400; now $200

Description: Part of the CMWCA – Under the Bed Show.
“To put it simply, my work is about reality. The majority of my work centers around the un-idealized realities of motherhood. For years now I have been fascinated with the ways in which our society, as well as artists throughout history, portray highly idealized versions of the motherhood experience that have a fictitious level of perfection. As a mother of two, I realize that this perfection is at times rare and more often non-existent. In my work, I have no interest in pretending that being a mother has been nothing but wonderful. Instead I choose embrace the chaos.” — Joanne Stowell