“Croatan Sounds #1”, by James Hunt

“Croatan Sounds #1”, by James Hunt

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Artist: James Hunt

Medium: Photography, Sublimated Dye Aluminum

Size: 24″ x 14″ (hung unmated)

Year: 2010

Description: Our relationship with our home planet leaves us with precious little room for error. We seem to be challenging Earth’s tolerance almost everywhere. That challenge is quite visible at the shoreline. There we can see the ocean taking back the land. Croatan Sound#1 was taken on the north shore of Manteo Island off the Outer Banks of North Carolina. There the Croatan Sound has taken back a considerable stretch of what was once forest. Ocean City Pier just off the beach at Ocean City, New Jersey is no longer standing, having been taken by Superstorm Sandy. Race Point Beach #2 is from our own Cape Cod, overdeveloped and under protected. The point of conflict where the water meets the land is often quite beautiful, unfortunately that beauty can be quite deceptive.