“Orange Dance” by Jeanne Borofsky

“Orange Dance” by Jeanne Borofsky

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Artist: Jeanne Borofsky

Medium: Encaustic on Panel

Size: 8 x 8″

Description: This work is encaustic collage. Encaustic – painting with hot colored beeswax and damar resin – is a medium that was used by the ancient Greeks as far back as 400 BC. I created encaustic monotypes with patterns reminiscent of rocks and stones, and collage them onto panels. Stamps, maps, bits of asemic writing and electronic bits are ever present in my work. I include a few small pen drawings and bits and pieces of ephemera to create an impression of the world, seen through a personal lens. These pieces all have sparkles of metallic lines and marks. I love the way beeswax creates both physical and visual depth and translucency to my work – adding to the mystery and magic I’m trying to convey. Whatever I put into my art, it always includes the joy of creation, the love of art, and the happiness in my ability to create it.

Part of the Glimmer Show.