Pottery by Lillian Burkart

Pottery by Lillian Burkart

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Artist: Lillian Burkart

Size: H 7.5″, Base 2.5″, Maximum diameter 6.5″

Description: “This warm mix of peach, orange and black is calling out to an all white arrangement of hydrangeas or a fall display of dried dried brown and green gifts from the garden. The earthen colors are not a glaze but are achieved by wrapping the piece in organic materials and salts which are fired all night in a giant barrel of blazing hardwood in my backyard. Hardwood chips and small strands of copper wire add the black elements to the explosion of colors in the saggar. The technique is reminiscent of early native American pottery firings when glazes and and heat control were not available.  The surface is smooth and highly polished which is achieved through a slow hand burnishing process. You will want to caress the piece.”