“River Not Alone” by Carolyn Todd

“River Not Alone” by Carolyn Todd

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Artist: Carolyn Todd

Title: River Not Alone

Medium: Encaustic on panel

Size: 20 inches  x 54 inches, Triptych

Year: 2011

Description: “While painting plein air on a very remote, private ranch located on the Devil’s River in far west Texas, I decided to take a break. Walking along the river, I came upon a creek feeding into the Devil’s River. I quickly sketched this beautiful creek with graphite and colored pencils. It was very active due to a recent heavy rain, rare for the area. I was excited about the color in the surroundings, the fresh scent, and the speed of the water. I felt very fortunate to discover this habitat as a guest of the ranch steward and the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. Both the ranch and the state organization work in conservation and civilian partnerships with the Nature Conservancy. When I returned home in central Texas, I sought to describe, with encaustic paint, the rhythm and the sound of the creek as it joined the river.”