“Skógafoss Moss and Ceiling” by Euletha Dukes

“Skógafoss Moss and Ceiling” by Euletha Dukes

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Artist: Euletha Dukes

Medium: High-Gloss HD paper print, and/or Glossy canvas

Size: 20 x 26.7″ / 24 x 32″

Pricing: $150 / $200 (for High-Gloss HD paper print), $350 / $400 (for Glossy Canvas)

Description: Moss and lichen have always been wonders to me, particularly for their ability to thrive in unusual environments. This closeups project began in 2018 on a trip to Iceland, a land of sprawling vistas carpeted in thick moss. Icelanders have a near sacred regard for moss, and this is where I learned about its sensitivity and resilience. I was inspired not only to slow down and respect it, but to engage the same curiosity and respect for the flora around my own home. This ongoing closeups series represents the intentional act of looking closer to develop sensitivity and appreciation for things I take for granted.

Honing in on these details clues us in, not only to the intricacy of these organisms thriving in their environment, but also are reminders of the delicate relationships between us and the ecosystems around us. They encourage us to learn the stories within these systems. Lichen beautifies the surfaces they grow on and filters the very air we breathe. Moss is a bioindicator of air quality and is a natural water filter. They may proliferate on trees and stone and bring pleasure to the eye, but a closer look reveals an interdependence with insects and other fauna for nourishment and survival. And of course the big question is, how are these organisms surviving in our rapidly changing environment? Admiring these life forms so closely awakens more than fascination. They do more than beautify life, they help sustain it. They awaken gratitude, because they are a gift.