Matthias Lupri

Matthias Lupri

Matthias Lupri

Artist Bio

Matthias has been working within the arts all his life in various aspects. His goal is to integrate painting, music, film, photography, acting, narrative, and poetry cohesively while drawing from life, dreams, symbols, myth, philosophy, and psychology.

“Unconscious and conscious landscape hemispheres collide creating positive and negative tension within our lives. The unconscious has an existence of time immemorial within your myth, while our conscious life ego awakes daily to a fresh new day. So I question; How do we exist through these our entire lives, shaping us toward the past, present and future as one totality? In which way does the essence of it all give meaning to who we are as ourselves and contribute to our interactions with one another, our earth and universe?

It has been a lifelong search and journey revealing my art through these philosophical and psychological constructs. Art that coexists and works in conjunction with these constructs and with each other: painting, music, poetry, photography, film and narrative. The landscape hemispheres and archetypes create new paths to follow and show themselves as personal empirical motifs within the art abstractly. They prove to be part of the memory, dream, reflection symbiosis. It is all much a mystery and interesting pursuit.”

Artist Statement

The inner myth vision quest story of when the soul freezes over and the ice cold storm continues. The tower leans away from the herd of trees with suspicion.

From the Iceland Dark Series where stories from the portal through ones frozen soul emerge.