Stephanie S. Hooper

Stephanie and Chester Hooper

Stephanie S. Hooper

Artist’s Bio

I first became interested in taking pictures when I traveled throughout Europe several summers during college, using the camera as a way to remember special places and people. In those days, I used a 35-mm Kodak and slide film to record the images I wanted. Later my husband gave me a Leica M4 as a wedding gift. I have had a wonderful time ever since with that Leica and its extremely clear lens, capturing the essence of the images I wanted to preserve.

Like every photographer today, I own a digital camera. I have used it primarily to take instant pictures of our children and grandchildren. Still, I much prefer to shoot with the Leica and its manual control to record just what my eye observes. I like to shoot color film because I am fascinated by the interplay of light and color on different scenes in nature, some of which can change substantially depending on what time of day the picture is taken.

I have been fortunate to travel extensively with my husband on maritime law business. Many of the pictures I have exhibited were taken during these trips. Wandering through new unfamiliar places with my very special Leica has enabled me to look more carefully, more deeply, at the world.

Photography has been an especially rewarding hobby for me. I am very grateful for the many days I have spent accurately recording scenes and people I have never wanted to forget.

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