Alice: Any Road Will Get You There

Alice: Any Road Will Get You There

“Every time I step out, I do it with Alice in mind.

“Alice in Wonderland,” that is. Every time, she shows me something new!

This year, “we” means myself and three friends: Suzanne Blanchard, Steven Ireland, and Jen Ireland. (Who in her right mind will take on something new to learn all by herself, when instead she can call on three great old friends to share the journey with her? With me, that is–me and my Mad Hatter friends.)

Who jumps down a rabbit hole, not knowing what is coming? Alice, of course. Alice knew. Always, that is the dream of Alice!

She relates to that new self, the morphing spirit you see in yourself.

Alice to me is a strong, defiant spirit of exploration who stands up to authority. She politely asks questions. She is “curious and curiouser,” so to speak.

Well! Is there an Alice in you? Do you know your inner Alice?

If Alice were a work of art, what would she say? Today? Tomorrow? What would she say about the future?

This is what she said to me. In my March Madness moment. In 2021!!!

I dedicate this group of artworks–which was found, lost, relocated, and brought up in 2021–to my inner Alice! That happy, healthy, transitional soul who realized that any road will get you there.

And it did.” — Colette Aline Shumate-Smith