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Women of Jazz — by Kate Shaffer
An online art show.

Gallery Sitka’s Statement:

We have worked with this group of paintings before, however, our represented artist, Kate Shaffer and I, decided we should show them again during the summer of 2020. The political and social movements this year have made this group of work even more important. Women have always had to fight for themselves, but how much more so have black women. As white women, we cannot even begin to know what that feels like, but as women in business and women in the arts, we do all know some level of struggle. This year, more than ever, it is important to talk about all of the above. We hope you enjoy this bold and bright colorful group of work!

Tamar Russell Brown
Gallery Director


Artist’s Statement:

Music has always been a part of my life. My father had me singing in public at age 3. I remember sitting next to the piano while my sister practiced and played. She did many classical pieces. I loved the way the music “looked” in my head. I wanted to be able to paint what I saw in the music.

When I began painting, music seemed a natural inspiration for me. I wanted to put down on the canvas the colors and movement I had always seen when listening to music. Each color has a feeling to me. Blues are relaxing, calming colors. Yellows can bring life and hope. I also love the sound of water and many pieces of classical music have that feeling for me as well.

I listen to each piece of music several times before I begin. Each piece of music has a theme which corresponds with the main color chosen. The accent colors are the tones that make up the harmonies. When I apply the paint, it is like dancing with the canvas. The music becomes my partner as I move with the brush and paint. Sometimes I just move the paint with my hands to really connect with the emotion of the music. I see the rhythms and harmonies appear on the canvas. The accent colors blend and contrast with the melody line color and the music becomes a tangible work that you can see.

I hope you enjoy listening to the paint sing in harmony.

Kate Shaffer


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Schedule of Summer 2020 Online Events

Women of Jazz

FINAL EVENT: Live Painting & Auction

On July 31st, we will be hosting a live painting event featuring Kate Shaffer and the Women of Jazz series. Kate will be doing a 16” x 20” painting of Billie Holiday. The night of the event Gallery Sitka will be available to take any questions regarding Kate’s process or anything on the paintings themselves. The auction will continue until August 14th.

The Starting Bid is $400.

Submit Your Bid Now!

All proceeds for received will be donated to the MCG Jazz in Philadelphia. This is the mission statement for MCG Jazz according to their website:

“MCG Jazz’s mission is to preserve, present, and promote jazz. Through our performances, we strengthen the long time Pittsburgh jazz community and contribute to the overall cultural and artistic diversity of the region. Through our live recordings we reach a national and international audience – a market we’d like to grow. Through our educational programs, we are able to have students attend the concerts at low or no cost to them, make artists available for masterclasses, and provide opportunities for internships in production and marketing.”

This organization was a particular favorite of Nancy Wilson who recorded and donated the proceeds from 3 very popular albums. Kate has also always been committed to the importance of education in the arts. To honor the Women of Jazz, Kate wants to encourage education in the jazz community so that we can have talented, well-trained young artists to continue the legacy these and other artists have left to us all.

You can find out more about MCG Jazz, a partner with the Manchester Craftsmen’s Guild here.

Sign up for the final event here!

Disclaimer: These videos will be filmed and used in our marketing. Should you desire to join us, please keep your video off if you do not want to be filmed.



Opening Interview:
Kate Shaffer & Gallery Sitka

Live Reading from 6.19.2020:
Kate Shaffer & Gallery Sitka

Live Reading from 7.3.2020:
Kate Shaffer & Gallery Sitka

Live Reading from 6.12.2020:
Kate Shaffer & Gallery Sitka

Live Reading from 6.26.2020:
Kate Shaffer & Gallery Sitka

Live Reading from 7.10.2020:
Kate Shaffer & Gallery Sitka