Kate Shaffer | Women of Jazz

Women of Jazz — by Kate Shaffer
An online art show.

Music has always been a part of my life. My father had me singing in public at age 3. I remember sitting next to the piano while my sister practiced and played. She did many classical pieces. I loved the way the music “looked” in my head. I wanted to be able to paint what I saw in the music.

When I began painting, music seemed a natural inspiration for me. I wanted to put down on the canvas the colors and movement I had always seen when listening to music. Each color has a feeling to me. Blues are relaxing, calming colors. Yellows can bring life and hope. I also love the sound of water and many pieces of classical music have that feeling for me as well.

I listen to each piece of music several times before I begin. Each piece of music has a theme which corresponds with the main color chosen. The accent colors are the tones that make up the harmonies. When I apply the paint, it is like dancing with the canvas. The music becomes my partner as I move with the brush and paint. Sometimes I just move the paint with my hands to really connect with the emotion of the music. I see the rhythms and harmonies appear on the canvas. The accent colors blend and contrast with the melody line color and the music becomes a tangible work that you can see.

I hope you enjoy listening to the paint sing in harmony.