Show at Gallery Sitka in Shirley

Are you looking to show your work?

We are happy to discuss your work with you.

Here is the process to get started with us:

1 – Attend one of our art events.

2 – Set-up a Coffee Meeting/Portfolio Review with us.

Process for Shows:

Once we have met you and have determined that we can work with you, here are the details on how we arrange our shows:

1 – For a Solo Show, we request $400 to cover the Opening. This includes these expenses: Wine & Cheese Presentation, Entertainment, Postcard Mailing, Staff for Event, Curation/Installation of the Work, Price List Creation/Numbering, PR Creation and Distribution, Local Ad Publication and any other added expenses.

2 – For a Group Show, we charge artists $100 for the leading artists (those included in all promo). We try to keep a minimum of 3 leading artists per group show. Supporting work is always accepted. We request a $10 hanging fee, per piece, for other supporting work.

Commission Requirements

We take a 50% commission on all sales during the 2020 Calendar Year.

This is the list of items

we need prior to all shows:

1 – An Artist’s Statement for your Body of Work

2 – A Biography

3 – A Professional Headshot

(If you do not have one,
we can suggest several

4 – All contact information

5 – Business Cards

6 – Price List for your Body of Work

7 – Digital images of at least one piece submitted(We only offer liability within our space.)