Dawn Haley Morton

Dawn Haley Morton

Dawn Haley Morton — Artist’s Biography

Studio: Lunenburg, MA
Born: New Jersey

Dawn Haley Morton has had a camera in her possession since 7th grade. The novelty of shooting with the 110 camera and a ‘flip flash’ wore off and she got her first 35mm camera in 11th grade.

Dawnʼs work began as a form of self-expression. She has shown her work since 1985 at festivals and art shows. In 2007 and 2008, Dawnʼs work appeared in 2-person shows in Boston and Gardner, MA with her husband, painter Dug Morton.

Dawn published an annual calendar of her photographs from 2001-2015. It began as a wall calendar, moving later to a more intimate tabletop design.

While working full time in film and television production and raising their daughter with her husband Dug, Dawn has also worked as an event and portrait photographer. Whether itʼs a wedding, corporate event, or a high school senior portrait, Dawn enjoys capturing the world in a documentary style that is different from the commercial photographers.

Aside from traditional art venues, Dawn has moved into the digital realm and enjoys sharing lifeʼs moments on Instagram, a forum that truly represents her spirit and most prevalent style as a photographer.

Artist’s Statement

Photography seems to be a reflection of what is within a person, their likes, interests, and what motivates or fascinates them. Itʼs about harnessing that which amazes us, tells a story, or makes us smile. As one grows older, tastes and observations change.

I thoroughly enjoy doing portrait work, it is a blend between the subject’s personality and my own sense of composition and art. Itʼs an effort on both parties to bring to life a visual biography of who they are.

I am an explorer, capturing the unexpected day-to-day in documentary style is sheer joy. Snapping a moment out of time that can never be replicated is a visual treasure. My true house style is represented in the blending of texture, color, humor, and awe of my subject matter. I enjoy capturing a moment that evokes an emotion.

A big milestone in your life, a nature hike, vintage market surfing, eating, relaxing, living… if we could bottle it up and keep it forever, we would. This is what I do… procure a visual slice of a feeling on a screen or paper, teleporting you to a place or sensation. This makes me happy. I hope it does the same for you when you experience my work.

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