Deborah Cross

Deborah Cross — Artist’s Biography

Deborah Cross has been making jewelry for about 25 years, working in silver, gold, and copper, and uses beads as well as semi-precious stones from around the world.

Artist’s Statement

“I love sea glass and I love to wear jewelry, so about 6 years ago, I put the two together!

I started collecting sea glass about 10 years ago and realized how pretty it could be if turned into jewelry.

Each piece is unique as it has tumbled throughout 
the oceans of the world…” where did the glass enter the ocean and how far has it traveled…” I always wonder and wish each piece could tell me how 
it began, what it used to be and how long it has been tumbling from the deep sea to shoreline. No two pieces are exactly alike, so a pair of earrings requires the most time in sorting and color matching.

Sea glass is diminishing around the world, as mankind 
turns to plastic, instead of the beautiful old glass containers of days gone by. It has been estimated that it can take anywhere from 15 to 70 years to produce a well-polished piece of sea glass. Drilling the glass takes a lot of patience and is done underwater to avoid heat build-up and breakage.”

Deborah Cross is previously of Leominster, Massachusetts. She is now living in Florida.