Sahar Ghavimi | Bull Run Restaurant

The artworks below are currently on display at the Artist Walkway at the Bull Run Restaurant, located in Shirley, MA.

Sahar Ghavimi

Artist Biography

My name is Sahar Ghavimi, and I am an experienced artist in multiple mediums. I specialize in marquetry, painting, carving woods, typography, ceramics, weaving carpets, making jewelry, and metal artwork.

I grew up in Iran, which is rich by art, I was impressed by variety of beautiful arts and crafts there from when I was a little kid. Then I got my bachelor of fine arts from Iran, and after moving to United States, I studied Graphic design.

I teach art at public and private schools these days.

After about 17 years of doing art professionally, I still experience new methods, and ideas. I never stop learning and trying new things.

I live in my dreams, and I dream my life.

Artist Statement

Poetry is softening words, painting is also; The difference is that you do not say a word, but you convey a world of meaning and concept, in a glance.

I write poetry, I make stories, and play music, when I paint, and sometimes I get lost in all three, as I sometimes do not know what I have in my hand is a paintbrush, a pen, a bouquet that I hold while dancing, a branch of wheat that I have picked, while I was running in the wheat field, or a flute that I was playing at the top of a mountain.

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