Daniel Senie

Daniel Senie — Artist’s Biography

Studio: New Hampshire
Born: Queens, NY | 1961

Daniel Senie is a photographer, singer/songwriter, and outdoor enthusiast. Having grown up in both the Berkshire Hills of western Massachusetts and in the concrete canyons of New York City, he finds interesting subjects in both urban and natural environments. Whether it is the golden light of the fading fall, the shades of blue of the ocean deep, or the architectural detail of the urban landscape, he delights in the play of light and color that create images of depth and beauty.

When not found with a camera in hand, there’s a good chance a guitar, banjo, or harmonica will be involved. He and his wife, Faith, tour across the US and Canada, sharing their original songs and stories. The travel provides Daniel with opportunities to discover new photographic subjects.


Artist’s Statement

At an early age, I saved all my allowance until I could buy my first real camera, a 35mm SLR. From that time I have been fascinated by the camera’s unique ability to portray light and shadow. I feel it important for the images I make to do more than document an event or object at some point in time. Images should tell a story. Composition leads the viewer’s eye through that story and explains the vision of the photographer. When I take a photograph, I am concerned about the light and shadow, the foreground and background, color, and contrast.

Scenic and wildlife photography has been my primary interest for many years. Capturing the beauty of nature in the large and small scale is a way to remind viewers to slow down and look around in this hectic world. In the last few years I have been exploring the world of natural abstracts, where the interplay of light, shadow, and reflection create something truly magical.

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