A SHORT HISTORY: Gallery Sitka™ opened in May 2014 and was part of Sitka Creations®, a design studio. We adopted the name Gallery Sitka™ in August of 2015.

We opened another location on Friday, July 8, 2016, in downtown Fitchburg, MA. Our Ribbon Cutting was at 10 AM on July 8th and our Grand Opening and Solo Reception for Gosha Karpowicz was on July 9th from 1-4 PM. On December 1st, 2018 we closed our Fitchburg location. On June 15, 2019 we opened a tiny gallery in Shelburne Falls, MA which we closed on November 1, 2019. We currently operate out of our Shirley, MA mill space at The Phoenix Park.

We hold art exhibits in our space in Shirley. We also manage the Artist’s Walkway at The Bull Run in Shirley, MA, as well as a number of other restaurants and offices in New England and in NYC.

OUR MISSION is to support the arts, to be part of the creative economy and provide a space for emerging artists to be seen and to have the experience of showing their work in a gallery-style atmosphere.

In terms of the style that we wish to share with the public, we feel like one of our favorite artists, Ilse Buchert Nesbitt, that “art should uplift”. To that end, the work that we carry enhances and beautifies spaces. Generally, the shows we host do not attempt to create conversation relating to political or social situations in our world today. The style we focus on is abstract contemporary.

In terms of policies on work that we accept, as we are a family-friendly gallery, we limit the amount of nude work that comes in the door. We also do not wish to display work that makes grand political, religious or social statements, preferring to beautify our walls and provide refreshment to viewers, than to engage in deep conversations via the work about the state of the world. We hope you will find the work we display encouraging and “uplifting”.

Gallery Sitka™ is owned and operated by Sitka Creations® LLC.

To read more about the owner and our team, visit sitkacreations.com.