Tommaso Chiappa

Artist’s Bio
Tommaso Chiappa (Palermo, Sicily, Italy 1983) had his formal art education in Milan. He studied in the Academy of Brera where he connected with the Luciano Inga-Pin Gallery where he had some shows that have come to be known by a wider audience which included, “look elsewhere” 2005 and “Take Away” in 2008. He has also had numerous solo and group exhibitions in Italy and abroad. Among his recent endeavors are appearances of his work in the following publications and shows: “Fuoriluogo” at Malagnini Art Center of Saronno in 2015 and 2016, on display: “Source” Villa Magnisi headquarters of the Order of Palermo doctors, where he was published in the publication, “Origin of Tommaso Chiappa” by Vera Agosti, Prearo Publisher.
Selected Personal Exhibitions:
2016 – Origin – Villa Magnisi (Palermo) – Catalog Prearo Publisher
2015 – Fuoriluogo -Centro art Malagnini (Saronno)
2013 -Color one, Nature and antinature -Palazzo of Culture (Modica)
2013 – Nature Incontaminate- Antica Focacceria St. Francis (Palermo-Milan)
2013 – Roads – Cloister of Bramante – (Rome)
2012-Changing the species – Cultural Association Nagalleria – (Florence)
2012 – White Paper -Palazzo of the Philippines (Agrigento)
2011 – Monochrome -Galleria La Piana Contemporary Art – (Palermo)
2011 – Monochrome – Museum Giuseppe Gianetti (Saronno)
2009 – “Multicultural”, Cultural Association – Athenstyle (Athens)
2009 – “Indigenous Dell ‘Urbe”, Gallery La Piana contemporary art, (Palermo)
2008 – “Take Away”, Galleria Luciano Inga -Pin, (Milan)
2007 – “Non-places Elsewhere”, Gallery La Piana contemporary art, (Palermo)
Main Group Exhibitions:
2016- Salsomaggiore Terme The edition of the Manifesto Festival – Salsomaggiore Terme
2016- Archaeology Museum van de communicatie- Small Cisterns – Fermo
2016- Civil Loves- Sale Celeste- Bologna
2016 – Infigura – Art Center Malagnini- Saronno
2016 – Sicilian Rhapsody III La Piana contemporary art Palermo
2015 – GESTURE color Form -Galleria Sorrenti Novara
2015 – GESTURE color Shape – Art Center Malagnini -Saronno
2015 – PEOPLE -Tommaso Chiappa and Emanuele Gregolin-Space via union 13-Lomazzo
2014 -Enter -Centro art Malagnini – Saronno
2014 – instantly Art Center Malagnini- Saronno
2013- Confine- Art Center Malagnini- Saronno
2012-Sicilian Rapsody -The Plain contemporary art Palermo
2010 Bi-XRay- staff Tommaso Chiappa and Gaetano Costa -Villa Castelnovo- Palermo
2009-Integrazioni- permanent pictorial installation – City M.P.Jesolo- Veneto
2008- Fairy tales – Gallery Antonio Battaglia- Milan
2008 -Agenda -Tufano study 25-Milano
2008 – Garage Days Reviseted -Galleria the new ars Italica -Milano
2008- Made to Mesaure – Villa Pomini – Varese Castellanza
2008 – Catania Art Fair -The Plains Contemporary Art
2007-permanent works at Costa Serena (Compagnia Costa Cruise)
2007- A hand for Ail – Palazzo Clerici (Milan)
2007Saloon Brera – Museo della Permanente (Milan)
2006 Group Exhibition, permanent installation Prk hotel Lecci (San Vincenzo -Livorno)
2005 passage encounter academy brera milan
2005 – look elsewhere -Galleria Luciano Inga- Pin (Milan)
2005 – Engraving Biennale Monsumano Terme (Pistoia)

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