Nina Arnold

Nina Arnold, Photo by Lawrence Libby

Nina Arnold — Artist’s Statement

Studio: Lunenburg, MA
Born: Brooklyn, NY

When making art, I enjoy combining media to create imagined worlds that may prompt a personal story for the viewer, thus creating many stories. My work is largely informed by my love of photography.

My journey to mixed media art began when I was inspired to create images by repurposing photos in a process I call “cut and paste”, a mixed media collage technique using photos, papers, fibers, paint, pastels, alcohol ink, and other sources of color and texture.

The work continues to evolve, moving in and out of the “cut and paste” genre, into the paint and other mediums. Color, shape, and texture are points of departure. As I seek a visual voice, I find many different roads to explore.

I am most influenced by abstract expressionism, landscape, and cityscapes.

A native of Brooklyn, NY, I have lived in Lunenburg, MA, for a very long time, but will always be a Brooklynite.