“Cow,” 2015, by Wendy Saemisch-Hannigan

“Cow,” 2015, by Wendy Saemisch-Hannigan

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Artist: Wendy Saemisch-Hannigan

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Size: 20 x 16″

Description: A cow stands in a lush field while the Earth lies visible below. There is a sense of weight, ballast, while the air remains light, balmy. The cow looks at us and is black as a silhouette against the sky as if asking a question. The answer to which is couched in the awareness of the inherent gifts of earth and sky. Need can lead to greed which clouds one’s vision. Before taking a step forward we often need to come to a balance point, the fulcrum, where we can exhale, see things for what they are, and take stock.