“Solas: Smooth Landing” by C.M. Judge

“Solas: Smooth Landing” by C.M. Judge

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Artist: C.M. Judge

Medium: Acrylic on Wood, Framed

Size: 24″ x 20″

Price: Originally $600; now $300

Description: Part of the CMWCA – Under the Bed Show.
“My art making, whether drawing, painting, video or installation involves “prayerful illumination” — a kind of looking/feeling/being present to the miraculous world. My footing or frame of reference is an extended gaze that seeks to perceive the interconnectedness of all things, the dignity of life, the confluence of the beautiful and the mundane. My art becomes a conduit for these intimate things. Painting offers a bountiful means to “bear witness”; lush strokes of color in service to one’s gaze.” — C.M. Judge