“Tree with a View” by Colette Aline Shumate-Smith

“Tree with a View” by Colette Aline Shumate-Smith

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Artist: Colette Aline Shumate-Smith

Title: “Tree with a View”

Medium: Acrylic mixed media paper collage

Size: 48″ x 48″

Description: Another seascape, “Tree with a View,” offers us a tree in the foreground, shorn of all its leaves, but cropped at the top by the frame so that we might well be missing some leafy spots just outside of the shot. The sea in the background is a deep, dark blue, but very strange is streaked with reddish-brown, green, and yellow. These are not unusual colors to see in a lake or in the ocean — the green could be seaweed or other aquatic plants, the yellow could be sunlight glinting off the waves — but their size and intensity seem expressionistic, coming to us by way of the artist’s interpretation, indeed through some strong emotion or intuition that would not be detected by the camera or by paints applied for a super-realistic effect. The colors are so strikingly beautiful that the viewer might not want to jump into that water for fear of disrupting or spoiling it somehow.