Iphigenia Gossios Burg

Iphigenia Gossios Burg

Iphigenia Gossios Burg — Artist’s Biography

Studio: Fitchburg, MA
Born: Katerini, Greece | 1957

An accomplished artist, Gossios Burg has lived all over the world and absorbed many artistic traditions. Born in Greece in 1957, she moved to Germany with her family at age 9. She then lived in one of the great European capitals, Vienna, Austria, as a teenager. Having learned so much in Europe, she finally came to the United States when she was in her 20s. From early childhood on, she has always displayed a gift for artistic expression. She continues to learn, develop her abilities, and refine her craft.

At the University of Massachusetts Boston, Gossios Burg studied art and developed a freestyle using media such as oil pastel, charcoal, oil paint, and acrylic, later turning her passion toward collage and mixed media. Today, most of her work is done in acrylics, collages and oil-pastels, sometimes separately and sometimes blended together in one piece.

From 1992-2000, she lived in Pasadena, Calif., where she worked at the U.S. Center for World Mission as a full-time artist. She later won honors there as Artist of the Year. In California, Gossios Burg taught art to middle school and high school students. She also did the artwork for various magazines and newspapers. She worked on several special projects that are still the Pasadena campus, including tapestries, murals, and other large-scale pieces.

Gossios Burg was a participating artist at the Leominster Art Center & Gallery as a Board of Directors in Leominster and has been an important advisor to the board from 2011-2014. She had put together the First Fridays there, a hangout of arts, live music, artists of the month, and food with children’s activities. This brought the community together.

In addition to her work as a painter, her passion has expanded to making art jewelry and other art forms of expression. She always thrives for new ideas and is involved in Art Festivals and Art shows in her area. Iphigenia also has a passion for helping other artists to be become known and be successful. That’s why she established, coordinated and curated the Village Art Show in her area for local artists; it was active over 3 years, with monthly receptions and live music, again bringing the community together in the arts.

Iphigenia is known in her area as an art activist. She believes art is the source of healthy life in every aspect that brings joy, beauty, hope, purpose, and the opening to a positive life’s viewpoint to all mankind.

Based in Fitchburg, Gossios Burg currently participates in many art exhibitions in her area and works with different art associations throughout Massachusetts. She teaches after-school programs, when she has the opportunity, encouraging children and grown-ups alike to express themselves through the arts.

Online Catalog 2020 (from March show at ZAVO)