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EARTH DAY 2020 — An art event to celebrate the earth!

Curated by Melissa Richard.

Hosting a variety of artists from all over the world for our annual earth day show.


Over the past 6 years, we have had several Earth Day art exhibits, or have connected our spring shows to #EARTHDAY. Earth Day is super important to us, but as one brand we follow says, Earth Day should be every day. Since we only have one planet, our job is to take care of it.

The first Earth Day was on April 22, 1970, and was an event that was based around protests to support a more sustainable way of living due to the fact that the auto industry was polluting the air. Not much has changed. However, this year, due to COVID19 it is of interest to see that the slowdown in human activity has led to a quick clean-up of the air. The Earth can heal quickly, a clear sign that it was designed to maintain itself when allowed to. Our job as humans is to take care of it — and we haven’t really been succeeding.

This art exhibit has thus come at a good time. We feel it is very important that we make a statement about the beauty of the Earth and remind all of us that we should be wise in how we use our time, resources, and we should do our best to keep our carbon footprint low.

Art is an excellent way to make such a statement. Thus, we appreciate our represented artist, Melissa Richard, for curating this group of work. I have added some of our represented artists’ works that I felt fit the mood. We appreciate all the artists that contributed! And though we could not host an event in person, we will have this work online for you to view and purchase during 2020. Our hope is that it inspires you to either make art yourself, become reinvigorated to take care of your part of the Earth, re-work the way you use and buy and that it heals your mood caused by this pandemic.

Please reach out to my team and I for comments or questions on social media, phone, or email. And Remember, #EveryDayisEarthDay!

With love,
Tamar Russell Brown
Gallery Director
Gallery Sitka